If you’ve never written a blog before, or if it’s not exactly your strong suit, there are ways of planning to get around that. You don’t have to be a professional writer to post influential blogs. There is a myriad of tools on the web to help assist you in crafting your post.

Every profession has resources and tools. Like a mechanic working on a car, you need readily-available tools to complete the job. Here is a list of tools you can take advantage of when writing your next blog post.
Brilliant Brainstorming
It will be easier to plan ahead for your upcoming blog posts. To come up with topics to cover in your posts, you will need to brainstorm ideas about your industry.

Quora is a great discussion board where you can search through a wide range of topics. It is full of a community of people sharing ideas, perspectives, and knowledge only acquired through lived experiences. You can use this to draw inspiration on topics people are interested in.
Robust Research
It is not only critical to make sure that the information is accurate, but also to use the right keywords. Planning out the keywords for your article is imperative when users search for the topic you’re writing about.


BuzzSumo is a keyword tool. Keywords are a major part of writing for the web. Your keyword research will depend on the topic you choose. Keywords are what web crawlers will pick up on. You want to use keywords that no one else is using, so that way your content doesn’t get buried in a Google search. You can combat this by doing a bit of sleuthing and finding out which keywords will be most effective and relevant.

For a more in-depth guide to keyword tools, check out our article, “9 of the Best Free Digital Marketing Tools” to learn about a full range of resources for your research.

Google Scholar
The most objective kind of research is peer-reviewed, scientific studies with specific parameters outlined in a repeated experimental process. This knowledge and the discoveries made by researchers are available to the public through Google Scholar.
Productivity Perseverance
The hardest part of the writing process is the actual writing. There is no way to get around this part of the process. The only way out is through and perseverance is key.

In writing, the most powerful tool is the ambiance that inspires you to concentrate and power through. A quiet space to work is a good starting point. However, it can be intimidating to sit with the quiet pressed around you while you watch a cursor blink on a blank page on your computer screen. There is truth behind the cliché of the writer in the coffee shop with their laptop.

Coffitivity is a web tool that creates an ambiance, such as a coffee shop or a university, with background noise. White noise helps you focus without having to break your concentration.
Worthwhile Writing Tools
You need more than just a word processor, you need writing tools. These will not only spot any mistakes, but will improve your writing, its flow, and what others will interpret from the meaning.

With a Google Chrome extension, you can use Google Docs, Grammarly is the leading writing tool to check spelling and grammar. There is both a free and paid version. It’s a great resource to make your writing accurate. With features like tone detection and insights that can help you improve your writing week after week.

Wordtune is another great tool for writing. It has a handy feature to help you rewrite tricky sentences or sections and help find an appropriate voice.

It may seem redundant to use another writing tool, but different brands have different characteristics, and checking your piece against another source will only catch more mistakes that might have otherwise been missed.

Content Row
This is another writing tool that provides grammar and spelling checks. They also provide a headline generator. Ranking your content online requires headlines that are attention-grabbing, informative, and make the reader want more. With Content Row, you can generate tons of headlines that will catch the attention of any reader.
Word Work

Power Thesaurus
A thesaurus is always a useful tool for any sort of writing project. Power thesaurus is a website that not only functions as a thesaurus for words in general but also for phrases and expressions. Sometimes, to convey a powerful message in a post is to use powerful language. Express your theme through more accurate wording.

Pun Generator
Let loose and have a little pun. Writing is work, but it’s also a craft and should be enjoyable. It’s not some ancient magic that only sages have mastered. Writing is simply communicating concepts through language, in other words: putting your thoughts on paper.

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