Email Marketing is a cost effective and strategic way to tell more potential customers about your business, retain current customers, and increase revenue. A few of the ways that businesses can reach new and current clients through Email Marketing are monthly or weekly newsletters, retargeting emails based on product browses to encourage potential customers to make a purchase, shopping cart abandonment emails, emails to reward program members, emails after a customer makes a purchase, emails that ask customers to write an online review, new product or service releases and much more.

Email Marketing Tips

Make sure to share tips and valuable information that customers will want to read. Appointment reminders, links to blog posts on your website, company news, and more are perfect for strategic Email Marketing.

Continue to grow your email list by encouraging social media followers to sign up for your newsletter. Add current and new customers to your newsletter list. Gather more emails through trade shows, events, giveaways, Facebook Advertising campaigns, and other marketing strategies. Email Marketing is a very versatile and can help you reach many clients.

A strategic email marketing campaign should be tailored to represent your brand well. This means using your company’s logo, colors, tone of voice, and more in each and every email campaign.

Increase Revenue With Email Marketing Infographic

Increase Your Revenue with Email Marketing

We can go over a comprehensive strategy with you and put together a successful plan to earn more revenue for your company. We can discuss some of the important metrics to keep in mind when tracking your email marketing campaign, such as open rate, click through rate, and more.

If you would like more information about how an Email Marketing campaign can increase the revenue of your medical practice, veterinary office, dental practice, home services, commercial services, vacation rental management, real estate management, property management, multi-family property management company, please contact Jill Baker, our Director of Sales, at or (407) 512-0424 x 113. 

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