With spring quickly approaching, it can feel like everything is changing, including marketing. Marketing is evolving so fast that sometimes just staying aware of trends feels like a full-time job. With so much happening, taking advantage of the tried-and-true techniques can be a great way to make sure that your company stays relevant. While making a company account on Tik-Tok or Snapchat may seem like a great idea when the teenager in your life tells you it’s popular, the truth is that very few companies need or benefit from them. Something that any company can benefit from, though? Try a pay-per-click campaign!

A pay-per-click campaign (PPC) is a form of paid advertising where, instead of paying for space on a website or newspaper, your company pays for every “click” to your website that the ad gives you. This can be a cost-effective way for small businesses to dip their toes into paid marketing, as it’s viable for budgets of any size.


At the heart of any successful PPC campaign, besides budgeting, is keywords. Keywords are the heart of the campaign – who is your target audience? If you own a self storage facility, and people search “self storage Denver”, do you want to show up? Probably not, if you’re in Orlando. Google can help track and determine which keywords find the most success for your company.

Landing Pages

It’s great that you’ve begun to master your keywords and are driving clicks back to your website from potential customers, but what do they see when they get to your website? Is it an engaging, updated contact form and video? Is it a “404 error” page, or a page about something unrelated to the search term they used to find you?

Ensure that when a potential customer or lead clicks on your Google advertisement that they are taken to a page that drives home a sale, lead acquisition, or positive brand awareness. This may be your only chance to impress someone, and if the page they see looks like it’s from the ’90s or has spelling errors, they’re likely to “bounce”, or leave your website immediately. Google does an amazing job of tracking analytics, and if your website’s landing page is ineffective, the analytics will show that.

PPC can seem too complicated a task to take on, but never fear! With FusionTech Media’s PPC management, our skilled search and paid marketing specialists will take the time to research, learn, and create campaigns hand-tailored to your business’s goals, no matter the budget.