We’ve all seen at least one company that’s made us stop in our tracks due to their marketing. Take Pepsi’s Superbowl ads, for example, we wait for it every year to see how they will one-up what was done the previous year. Strategic marketing efforts by Fortune 500 companies can often leave you wondering if your company should be taking advantage of more marketing efforts. Whether your company is valued at 500 dollars or 500 million, implementing marketing into your daily business growth is highly recommended by the experts. 

Succeeding on Google – SEO, PPC, and More

Starting out with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) is often times where many business owners find themselves starting to think about implementing a digital marketing plan for their company. According to Hubspot, Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic. In other words, if your business is not implementing digital marketing in some capacity, you should be. Without a robust strategy to succeed on Google and other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo, potential customers will have an extremely difficult time finding your facility. If your company is just beginning to take advantage of digital marketing, SEO and PPC are effective starting points. Did you know over 28% of Google searches result in a purchase? Having a platform on Google and other search engines give your company the power, putting you in the driver’s seat of your company’s ROI.

SEO is the process of increasing organic search results over time by optimizing your company’s entire online presence. According to HubSpot, 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. By tailoring your website, social media, and local listings to reflect what Google looks for, you can help your company show up near the top of Search Engine Results Pages. This is a crucial step towards improving website traffic and lead generation because, according to HubSpot, 75% of people never visit the second page of search results. To make the matter of search engine rankings even more important, Forbes estimates that the top five search results receive 67.6% of clicks.

For companies looking to boost their presence quickly, or compound their search engine success by using multiple tactics, Pay-Per-Click Advertising is often the next step. PPC Ads are great because they work for companies of any size, at any budget. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can set a daily or monthly budget to prevent overspending.

Social Media

Social media, depending on your industry, can be one of the largest lead generation tools in your company’s repertoire. Facebook, for example, has more than 2.41 billion users, making it a great resource when used effectively. 

In order to make social media a worthwhile digital marketing tactic, companies need to post engaging content regularly. Whether that’s industry news, blogs, or promotional specials, content needs to be centered around your target audience. 

Website Design

Having world-class PPC and social media marketing is only as effective as the websites potential customers end up on. In the first 50 milliseconds, visitors decide whether or not they like your website, according to Sweor. If they don’t like your mobile website due to looks or functionality, Sweor estimates that 57% won’t recommend your website.

Instead of grasping at straws, start by redesigning your website. Make sure it is optimized for SEO and clearly conveys the right brand message. If you have an e-commerce website, make sure the checkout process is intuitive and easy to follow for customers.

Getting Started

As you focus on revamping your company’s digital marketing strategy, understand the basics of digital marketing before diving into new fields. For example, don’t start a Tik Tok unless you can quantify the ROI it will bring in (and newer social media platforms like Tik Tok and Snapchat are not likely platforms your company needs to be on, yet).

Find a professional digital marketing agency that can expertly manage all of your digital marketing. By using just one company, it’ll be easier to stay on brand, track ROI, and trust your questions are addressed by industry experts. Utilize a company with a strong portfolio, and directly ask to make sure that they don’t outsource their SEO services.