It doesn’t hurt to keep up with the latest trends, especially when running your own business. And with ever-evolving technology and algorithms, the only way for your business to keep afloat is to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

Here are some of the leading blogs in the industry. Keeping up with the latest in digital marketing and online presence can be daunting. However, the resources in these blogs will walk you through the straightforward steps of beginning your marketing journey.

Ahrefs as a site is a huge resource for search engine marketing (SEO) and web tools. It is one of the leaders in the latest updates in SEO practices. It is a suite of tools that are at your disposal for optimizing your website through the use of their software. Their blog is a great resource for experts and beginners alike.

With a whole range of digital marketing topics, Ahrefs takes you step-by-step through the latest methods and protocols for useful tactics such as optimizing your backlinks and writing cold copy that will sell. You will learn a whole host of techniques for topics covering everything encompassed by digital marketing from XTML sitemaps to useful and relevant blog content.

Hubspot is a marketing software platform that develops the tools and software needed for companies to attract customers and generate sales. It is the leader in inbound marketing, sales, email marketing, and more. Hubspot is both a development and learning tool, for marketers and business owners alike.

Along with an informative blog that breaks down strategies and provides tips and tricks, Hubspot is also a learning resource for users covering a wide range of topics and courses for you to take to add marketing skills to your repertoire.

Copyblogger is a website dedicated to gaining leads through captivating copy that sells. This site focuses on the content writing aspect of digital marketing and is a useful resource for writing clear and compelling copy. They take you through the different parts of copy and how to best approach them, such as calls to action that prompt conversions, effective email copy, and social media strategies that will gain shares and interaction.

MOZ is on the more technical side of digital marketing. Moz is a suite of tools for optimizing SEO and keywords within your branding. They provide the tools to conduct effective keyword research, authoritative link building, and increased page ranking for websites. Their blog is also an excellent resource for all things digital marketing.

MOZ breaks down the more technical aspects of digital marketing and teaches you how to use its tools and apply them successfully to your strategy. Their blog dives deeper into SEO and local SEO for you to explore.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel is a big player in the digital marketing industry. Founder of the Kissmetrics blog and other web tools, Patel rocked the marketing world by establishing his own media company and helping other businesses prosper. His blog is a resource for both novice and experienced marketers looking to expand their digital reach online.

With a personable writing style and a casual tone, Patel breaks down the most complex digital marketing concepts and outlines their importance. His blog covers topics that will not only help you rank better but give you the reasoning behind these strategies and what makes them effective.

Content Marketing Institute
Although this site is mainly for content marketers, laymen and business owners can also take advantage of the resources provided. Content Marketing Institute’s focus is on the quality of content aspect of digital marketing. When first learning about SEO and its best practices, the phrase “content is king” is thrown around a lot. And though plenty of blogs and websites will tell you to provide useful and relevant content, Content Marketing Institute provides the means needed to ramp up the actual content.

Topics in the blog will cover industry standards and resources for all aspects of digital marketing along with content creation. This is an all-inclusive resource for beginners to start their marketing endeavors.

The digital marketing industry is a living, breathing entity, that is evolving and ever-changing the digital landscape. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to digital marketing, and mastering one concept of it does not preclude you from constantly updating your wealth of knowledge within the area.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a connoisseur, because the team here at Fusion Tech Media has the expertise you need. It may seem overwhelming, but if you allow yourself to be assisted by experts, you will begin to see patterns in marketing that will inform your decisions about your company for the future.