Everyone likes to see quick results with most things in life, and the rise of your website’s organic search engine ranking is no exception. However, SEO is a long term strategy with local marketing components. The best results can take several months to achieve. Consider upgrading the number of SEO updates that your website receives. With monthly SEO updates, you can expect your website to rank higher faster.

1. Consider Local Listings Services

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Local listings are especially important, and can make a positive difference in how your website ranks. Local listings provide credibility to the web’s top search engines. Local listings signal to Google that your business is real. Google values businesses that can found via local search, which influences your website’s organic search engine ranking.

Local listings help potential customers to find your business through up to 70 online directories. Making sure that your business information is correct and consistent on all of your local listings is an ongoing process that requires special expertise. Precise formatting of the NAP (business name, address and phone number) and listing optimization are especially important to search engines.

Claiming and verifying your local listings is an additional step that is imperative so that your listings aren’t hijacked or tampered with by competitors. If your business moves to a different location or the business name changes, access to your business’ local listings must be transferred and the NAP information must be updated.

All of these tasks require the knowledge of a local listings expert to prevent duplicate listings and other errors from occurring. Without local listings management, your website will lose out on the SEO benefits that these online listings provide.

2. More SEO Updates

Upgrading your SEO services also means that your website will be optimized more often. The frequency of these updates can dramatically affect how well your website performs in the search engines. If your business is in a competitive industry or if it is located in a large city, monthly SEO updates are necessary for the best possible organic search engine ranking.

Industry-based keyword ranking reports and Google Analytics reports are run on a monthly basis. Since your website’s ranking for keywords can change over time, quarterly SEO updates may not be sufficient enough to compete in your market. Without consistent, monthly SEO updates, your website may not rank for important location-based and industry related keywords that your potential customers are searching for in Google.

3. Increased SEO Performance Calls

Another benefit of upgrading your SEO services is that you will receive more frequent SEO performance calls with your Client Performance Strategist. The performance calls give your Client Performance Strategist the opportunity to discuss what enhancements can be made to your website and overall marketing strategy, what is working well and to answer any questions you may have.

The Client Performance Strategist can explain the reports and provide further insight. If you are starting a new company or growing your current one, you would want to regularly know how many potential clients are visiting your website and what you can do to convert those visitors into paying customers. You may not be as well-informed about your website’s performance if you only received these calls on a quarterly basis.

If you would like to learn more about SEO and Local Listings services from FusionTech Media, please contact Jill Baker, Director of Sales, directly at (720) 218-1196 or jbaker@fusiontechmedia.com.

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